Hiking with Will…

Since my last post a couple of months ago I have spent the majority of my time getting in shape for the big Rocky Mountain hike coming up in July.  Finding significant elevation in Indiana is a lost cause, especially in the elevationally challenged city of Columbus.  As a result, I decided to load up my heavyweight 10-month old son, Will, in an infant backpack and climb the 100 foot lookout tower at Mill Race Park.  We go up and down and up and down and up and down.  He loves it.  It helps me.  And it gives mom a break.  Win. Win. Win.


Yesterday, instead of hitting the tower, Will and I jetted over to Brown County State Park for what I believe was our first official hike together.  We left early and headed to one of my favorite loops in the park… Strahl Lake.  It is simple but beautiful in the early Spring.

It was a busy morning at Brown County State Park.  One of the most exciting trail races, Dances With Dirt, would be sharing the trail with us.  It was really cool to see all of the runners struggling while we were breathing easy and enjoying the cool morning.. haha.

I was preoccupied with my new fascination with foraging.  I have been studying simple plants and weeds in our natural environment that are edible.  While I am still not sure if I can identify Stinging Nettle, I have a new love of Yellow Wood Sorrel.  That little weed has a nice soury pleasant taste and is high in Vitamin C.  Good stuff!

Anyway… Will and I enjoyed our first hike together around Strahl Lake.  He was captivated by the birds chirping, the green plants, and the splashing water on the lake bank.  It was a great morning.

I am heading to Red River Gorge next weekend and will be updating the blog when I return!



3 thoughts on “Hiking with Will…

  1. Brandon, our son, Dan Smith, was one of the runners in Dances With Dirt. His team, The Busted Knuckles, won that event! Hope you and Will had as much fun as they did!

  2. That has to be the most rewarding time with Will. Enjoying the peace and beauty of God’s creation especially the one on your back. Will is already acquiring a taste of the outdoors and I’m sure that he will do many hikes with you now and when he gets older. Love you boy’s!

  3. I love wood sorrel. I used to eat them as a kid in the Mt Healthy schoolyard when I was in 1st grade. I think they would make a good lemongrass substitute. Also, Instead of stinging nettle, look for wood nettle. It’s native and much more common than the euro imported stinging nettle. Also, if you want a good wild green you don’t need gloves to collect, look goosefoot, often called lambsquarters. I love brown county park and one of these days I want to forage my way from one side to the other. Great post!

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