Product Update from a previous post…

a joyful procession

I picked up a pair of Merrell Water Current Glove from their Barefoot Collection a couple of months ago, as I was looking for a pair of shoes that I could wear at camp at the end of the day after a long hike – or- that I could wear for shorter leisurely/moderate hikes.

I have been blown away with this shoe, thus far, for several reasons.

After a long, grueling day of backcountry hiking wearing a pair of heavy-duty hiking boots, a person just wants to get his or her boots and socks off so that the feet can breathe.  In the past, I may have packed a pair of flip-flops as they are lightweight to carry and they allow the feet plenty of air.  The limitation to flip-flops is that a person may very well want to do some light-hiking in the evening or walking in a stream or river- and in my…

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