Utah: Canyonlands National Park- Grand View Point

We took a somewhat spontaneous trip to Utah at the end of April.  It was meant to be a very quick trip, leaving Indiana on a Wednesday night and driving straight through to Moab, Utah.  We arrived on Thursday afternoon with plans to hike all day Friday, mountain bike all day Saturday, and then drive through Arches National Park on Sunday (leaving for Indiana late Sunday night).

As a side note, I was a bit nervous as we traveled west through Kansas and Colorado because it was, not only in the low 30’s, but snowing.  I packed as if the temps were going to be in the 50-60’s, so needless to say I was a bit cold when we made a stop in western Kansas with the temperature at 28 degrees.  Fortunately as we passed into Utah the temperatures and weather normalized.  The temperature ranged from a high in the 70’s to a low in the mid 40’s, which was very nice.

On Friday morning we decided to hit a very short, and not very taxing, two mile roundtrip hike in Canyonlands called Grand View Point.  On the map below you will notice a large Y in the middle of the park.  This hike is located at the very bottom of the Y.    While this hike is leisurely enough for families it should be noted that there are NOT guard rails.  Caution should be used with small children.



Grand View Point in Canyonlands National Park


When hiking Grand View Point you may want to pack a little bit of water.  Granted, it is only a short two mile “in and back” hike from the parking lot, but it will take you longer to finish this hike than you might expect- because you will want to take a million pictures.  Every step of the hike is full of stunning beauty.




At the end of this trail, there is an amazing payoff (as if the whole hike wasn’t enough).  For those willing to do a bit of climbing up some large boulders… the view is UNBELIEVABLE.  You don’t have to climb the rocks to experience the view, but I recommend it.



IMG_3687If you are in the Canyonland National Park, do yourself a favor and hit the Grand View Point trail.  You will not regret it!

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2 thoughts on “Utah: Canyonlands National Park- Grand View Point

  1. So amazingly beautiful and breathtaking and yet a bit scary just looking at the pictures. What a remarkable world our God has created and happy that you can experience just a small part of it.

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