a joyful procession

This blog offers pictures and descriptions of hiking trails and backcountry camping along with insights and perspectives of the beauty and glory of creation and how all of that impacts my faith.

7 thoughts on “a joyful procession

  1. Really enjoyed your site!!!
    I love to take women on Backpacking trips in the Colorado Rockies. Who knows, just may bump into you sometime… oh yeah, I’m borrowing your verse from Isaiah. (I know you don’t have exclusive rights 😉 but I had forgotten how much I liked that one. I will post it on my site too.

  2. Hey Brandon!

    Awesome blog, I have really enjoyed reading about your travels and it has inspired me to embark on some of my own!

    Recently, I have been training for a 6 night back-country trip in Glacier National Park (starting at Quartz lake and finishing in Goat Haunt). I am less than 3 weeks away from entering the crown jewel of our continent and I couldn’t be more excited! Though I am nervous because this is by far the hardest and longest camping trip of my life, however I have taken your advice of plan plan plan. I would love to hear your thoughts on how I can effectively plan a 7 day food schedule. Also, I am preparing a checklist and would love some input as I have never camped anywhere outside of Florida.

    Thanks and safe travels!


    1. Hey Rob, this is a great message and so exciting! You are absolutely going to love Glacier. It is still the most beautiful place I have ever been. I assume you have your permit, so what does your daily mileage look like? And do you know what your elevation gain is each day as well? Shoot me an email brandonandressATsbcglobal.net. I can send an excel doc with ideas for how I break down the food by day. Thanks! Brandon

  3. High
    Truely enjoyed your extensive post on the 7 Pass Route. Well done and very inspiring and helpful! We plan the same trip in August and will benefit from your experience. Would be great if you could mail me the coordinates of the waypoints you got on the glacier and off the glacier this could really be helpful. Thanks a lot and best regards,
    Urs, Switzerland

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