Upcoming Trips:

August 2019- Wind River Range (Wyoming)

Past Trips:

ALASKA: Wrangell-St. Elias- Bremner to Iceberg Lake

WYOMING: Wind River Range

ARIZONA: Grand Canyon- South Kaibab Trail- South Kaibab Trailhead to Cedar Ridge

CALIFORNIA: John Muir Trail- Bishop to LeConte to Whitney Portal

CANADA: Great Divide Trail and Skyline Trail

NEW YORK: Mt. Jo- Adirondacks

ALASKA: Denali National Park- Units 39 (Mt. Sheldon), 32 (Toklat River), 18 (Glacier Creek), 19 (Pirate Creek), and 13 (Mt. Eielson)

ARIZONA: Grand Canyon National Park- Escalante Route

MONTANA: Glacier National Park- North Circle Route

UTAH: Canyonlands National Park- Grandview Point

UTAH: Canyonlands National Park- Upheaval Dome Syncline Trail

UTAH: Canyonlands National Park- Colorado River Overlook 4×4 Trail

INDIANA: Knobstone Trail- Elk Creek to Delaney

INDIANA: Charles Deam Wilderness- Peninsula Trail

COLORADO: Rocky Mountain National Park- North Inlet/Tonahutu

COLORADO: Rocky Mountain National Park- Long’s Peak Trail

INDIANA: Driftwood River Canoeing

INDIANA: Brown County State Park- Trail 10

KENTUCKY: Red River Gorge- Rock Bridge

INDIANA: Charles Deam Wilderness- Sycamore Trail

INDIANA: Brown County State Park- Ogle Lake/Trail 4/Trail 7

KENTUCKY: Red River Gorge- Rough Trail/Sheltowee Trace/Koomer Ridge Trail

MICHIGAN: Kal Haven Trail

VIRGINIA: Shenandoah National Park- Furnace Mountain/Trayfoot Mountain/Blackrock Mountain

ARKANSAS: Buffalo River Canoeing- Ponca to Kyle’s Landing

ARKANSAS: Buffalo River- Hemmed in Hollow

4 thoughts on “trips

  1. Hi Brandon,

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  2. I am planning a trip to the Wind River Range in August 2019. What maps are you using and where can I get them? I have seen a couple on Amazon. I looked for some NatGeo maps can not find any. Please email me back with info.

    God Bless,

  3. Jerry,

    We primarily used Andrew Skurka’s annotated maps from his Wind River Range Trail guide. He used the USGS maps (7.5 Quad??) and then added waypoints and annotations. We printed these files and laminated them.

    If you aren’t doing the high route the best maps I’ve seen are from Beartooth publishing. These are very similar to NatGeo with the same type of paper and very high quality. They have a map for the full Wind River Range, then separate maps for the north and south range. All of our hike was in the north range, so that’s the only map we have purchased.

    Thanks for stopping by, I hope you have a great trip!

    Josh, The Mayor of the Trail

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